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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:11pm JST

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hello. you're watching "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. the leaders of israel and hamas have rejected a u.s. proposal for a seven-day humanitarian truce in gaza. they have agreed to stop fighting for 12 hours from saturday morning. israeli media report the pause is to help people in gaza get medicine and other humanitarian aid. still, they say, israeli forces will keep searching for tunnels hamas built for military operations. health officials in gaza say
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more than 800 people have died in israel's current military campaign. they said most of the fatalities were civilians. the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, tried to arrange a seven-day humanitarian truce to start next week. israeli leaders said they could not accept his proposal. kerry started the truce efforts earlier this week by visiting the relevant parties. he and the u.n. secretary general met officials from egypt who have been trying to mediate a truce. iranians have been showing their anger about the israeli offensive. they took to the streets to show their support for the people of gaza. [ chanting ] >> iranians rallied across their country on the last friday of ramadan. they call it jerusalem day to show their solidarity with the palestinians. in the capital tehran they marched with photos of children killed in israeli operations.
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some burned israeli flags. the iranian foreign minister told nhk the global community should unite in support of the people of gaza. >> unfortunately the international community has been extremely lax in dealing with this brutality and it has to come to the aid of the people of gaza, stop this aggression and the seizure of gaza, and end this crime against humanity. >> president rouhani said if all muslims unite they can beat the intruders. he is taking a softer line toward the west than his predecessor mahmoud ahmadinejad. pro russian militants in eastern ukraine have been stepping up their offensive against ukrainian forces. the move is making it difficult for the government to ensure the safety of an international team investigating the crash of a malaysian airliner. the ukrainian government officials have stressed their desire to cooperate with other countries to determine the facts
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behind the crash. they have agreed with officials from the netherlands and australia to allow police officers from various countries into the country to protect investigators. the netherlands will oversee the project. ukraine's acting prime minister has been appointed and he heads the committee investigating the crash. he said he will proceed with the necessary parliamentary procedures to accept police officers from other countries. the crash site is located in donesque providence. all the people onboard the plane were killed when it was shot down on july 17th. 180 bodies have been transferred to the netherlands. a spokesperson for ukraine's national security and defense council said about one-fourth of the residential areas there have been damaged during the recent militant offensive. indonesia's president is using an unusual method to help choose members of his cabinet.
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he has launched an online survey to seek public input on his list of finalists. the jakarta governor was declared the winner of the presidential election earlier this week. he will assume office in october. he began the survey on thursday. people can choose among three candidates for each ministerial post. the candidates come from various backgrounds. they include politicians, professors, and journalists. respondents can also type in another name if they choose. as governor, he earned a reputation for being pro reform. he frequently visited poor neighborhoods to hear what people had to say. he has said he will use the survey to guide his final decision. the move is gaining attention as his first attempt to make government more transparent. past presidents selected cabinet members based on their affiliation with political parties in the governing coalition.
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japanese prime minister shinzo abe is making deals to help his country get the energy it needs. he met with mexican president and agreed to jointly develop oil and shell gas reserves. abe is visiting mexico at the start of a five-country tour of latin america. he said increasing mexico's oil production and developing its shell gas are crucial for stabilizing the global energy market. abe has said he hopes to speed up negotiations on a path that would allow japanese companies to export nuclear power technology. abe said he wants to work with mexico to help conclude the trans pacific partnership free trade deal. >> translator: i want to expand the frontiers of cooperation based on a strategic global partnership. >> the two governments and some
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private firms signed memorandums on energy, medical care, and insurance. prime minister abe is getting ready to reshuffle his cabinet. he wants a stronger team to help him improve national security and revitalize regional economies. abe told associates he'll carry out the reshuffle in the first week of september. he'll be revamping his administration for the first time since he took office in december, 2012. abe wants to make changes to national security. he wants his team to craft legislation that would enable japan to exercise its right to collective self-defense. he plans to create a cabinet position especially for that task. abe is also trying to revitalize regional economies. he plans to give that job to another new minister. other plans to shake up the leadership of his democratic party at the same time. authorities across the russian far east in siberia are doing battle with forest fires.
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they say dry weather could spark even more. 34 wild fires are raging. they've charred more than 700 square kilometers, and over 2,000 firefighters are battling the flames. the local government declared a state of emergency. forest fires are also reported in the province of ikusk and republic of briata. meteorologists say the smoke is reaching the northern most island of hokkaido and the haze is reducing visibility. officials report a tenfold increase in the concentration of an air pollutant called pm-2.5. they are advising children and the elderly to stay indoors. people in seoul will be able to see an exhibition of a popular japanese manga after all. a court overturned a museum decision to cancel it. south korea's war museum will be showing images and characters
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from the one piece comics. officials there canceled the exhibition earlier this month three days before it was due to open. they said members of the public had complained the comics include images similar to the rising sun flag. some south koreans see that flag as a symbol of japan's past colonial rule. the company that created the exhibition said the cancellation was wrong and took the matter to court. judges ruled the manga does not glorify japanese imperialism. they ordered museum officials to honor their original arrangement. coming up the three-day weather forecast for selected cities.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us. this baby boy had heart surgery at tokyo women's medical university hospital. he died three months later. the boy was given a large quantity of the sedative propofol after surgery. the side effects so well known. >> translator: we offer our deepest apologies. >> hospital management called a news conference la


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